2020 Year of Intention- and free printable


The new year comes with so many goals and expectations. It can quickly add on A LOT OF PRESSURE. It becomes overwhelming! I decided to simplify this year and create a year full of intention. Instead of having a million goals to constantly try to juggle and work on for the year (and in the process dropping most of the goals…) Here’s a way to better yourself in a less stressful and more impactful way. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, this system will help get you reflecting, recognizing, and starting the steps to good healthy habits.

I created a year of intention printable to help guide me along the journey.

Here’s how I use it!:

  • First I filled out my intentions and words of focus for the year. This is the year I plan on being more mindful and balanced. My focus is to consume less and create more, to become more present in each moment, and to create a happy life that I can be proud of!
  • Next I cut out the printable and put each card in a basket.
  • Then each week  I can pick a prompt of that week. (you can choose to pick a new card each week, day, or month, whatever you prefer.)
  • I hang up the focus on my wall for a reminder of what I am working on!

The beauty of this is that it can fit YOUR LIFE! You can simplify the focus or take it up to the next level. You can take out cards that don’t fit your needs. I also included blank cards, so you have the freedom to create personalized intentions you want to incorporate. You can customize this to your personal needs and things you want to focus on. Tailor it to you and create the person you want to become!

 By focusing on these intentions each week it will help simplify and create the way to a meaningful and happy lifestyle! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Also feel free to join along with me on Instagram as I share my weekly intentions! follow me at @rissa.nelson to see how I am using this throughout the year. You can complete the intentions along with me and hang the same prompt in your room, or go at your own pace & do your own thing!

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