5 Best Beauty Hacks: Part 1

Here I’ve listed 5 VERY HANDY beauty tricks I’ve learned through my own trial and error & through my experience as a cosmetologist. I will continue this series with more posts. So keep an eye out for part 2! 🙂


1) Teasing brush:

Needing volume? This brush is for you. I sometimes like to tease the top sides of my hair a little, to make sure its not too flat. Though, I don’t only tease hair for volume…Teasing is a handy trick for different styling techniques.  I like to tease the crown of my head so that my part stops at the apex ( highest point of my head). I do not like to see my part travel back too far.

Also when doing up-dos… teasing is a must! It makes the hair pliable to manipulate and adds longevity to the style.

This brush is gentle which is great for the health of the hair. This one is also made of boar/porcupine bristles. This will add shine and volume. The different lengths of the bristles make it so you can get a tight tease, but also gives you the ability to gently smooth over the top layer of hair (without pulling out the tease you just created). It makes teasing easy, which makes it great for teasing beginners. Best tease brush I’ve used! Get yours at any Sally Beauty Supply.


2) Knife Magnet:

2 years ago I told my older sister that all I wanted her to get me for Christmas was this knife magnet from IKEA. She thought I was CRAZY for having this request! Because that was when I was still living at home and she thought I had absolutely no need for a knife magnet… But you don’t have to use this to sort your knives at all! I have gotten so much use out of this bad boy! 🙂

I love it! Store and organize all of your hair pins, bobby pins, and little clips. You can hang this up in your bathroom or take it with you on the go. I always use this when on location for photoshoots or for my bridal styles. I either have this laying close or have the bride/model hold it for super easy access to the bobbies & pins I need!


3) Tint brush (or toothbrush):

Hairspray a tint bush to  tame those pesky fly-aways! I’ve also used this trick on models for photoshoots and use it on my brides for their up-dos. This is a great at home trick. You can get a tint brush at your local Sally Beauty Store– I prefer to use a tint brush to get more surface area covered and I love the consistency of the bristles…. But if you have an extra toothbrush laying around that you want to use up then you can use that too!


4) Chopsticks:

I LOVE chopsticks. I’m not very great at using them to eat, but I love them when it comes to hair styling. They are a go to item for me. I like to use a twist & pin technique to hold up hair like a clip. (I also sometimes use chopsticks when weaving highlights.) And they can be used to part hair like a gem! At work I always make sure to have my styling chopsticks lined up in my apron or have them laying close by when doing hair services. I got mine at a local PartyLand. But you can find nice chopsticks at other party supply stores or online.

5) Primer as an Eraser:

Okay so SMASHBOX primer (in clear) is my favorite primer to hold makeup in place. I use this primer on all of my brides, and haven’t yet been converted to anything else.

But, that’s not the only reason this is my go to makeup product. This isn’t only great to prep makeup for a long lasting hold…. This can be used as an ERASER! (I learned this handy tip from an incredible Smashbox make up class)

You might say that doesn’t make sense, because it’s supposed to help your makeup stay… So let me explain. First use the primer beforehand to prep your makeup…. and continue with your makeup process. Then if there is fall out when you are applying your eyeshadow (Meaning eyeshadow falls out of place & onto your perfectly applied foundation… instead of staying on the eyelid.)  don’t panic! You can use a dab of this primer to wipe away the powdered mess gently without taking off all of the layers underneath it. You can use this technique for cases other than eyeshadow too. I always get mascara all over my eyelid and below my eyes when I apply it on myself… (I guess I go crazy with the wand & I’m not patient enough to let it dry). So this primer has saved me from many “I need to do my makeup all over again emotional breakdowns”! This is truly a make up magic eraser! You can get Smashbox primer here. Or at any Sephora or Ulta store near you.

 I hope you enjoyed these beauty tips! They make my life a lot easier for me and I hope they do the same for you! If you tried these, then let me know and make sure to comment below! I’d love to hear from you all 🙂



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