Beauty & The Beast Inspired Hair

Rad and I saw Beauty and the Beast on opening night on Thursday. He worries about taking me to movies sometimes, because I can kind of be a movie critic. But I thought this movie was SUPER CUTE! I loved it! If you haven’t seen it yet then RUN (don’t walk) to the theater right now! We are definitely going for round 2 soon, because it was just so cute!

I was mesmerized by all of the details…. Especially theWardrobe, makeup,………and of course HAIR! I loved Emma Watson’s elegance and grace throughout the movie. But even more so, I loved her hairstyles as Belle.

I thought to myself  “I’d seriously wear every one of these styles on a regular basis”. They are simple but so stinkin’ cute! I’d call it simple elegance…..which is exactly what Belle is all about.

Seriously these can be done in under 10 minutes!! (Some I even did in about 3 minutes.)


Here are the 5 quick styles inspired by Belle

in the new Beauty & the Beast:

1)Down With A Twist: I love this simple relaxed style that Belle wears in multiple scenes. This can be accomplished extremely fast and easy. A go-to style that looks like you put more effort into it than you actually did.



2)Classic Belle Ponytail: Who doesn’t love this classic Belle style? It is quick  too! Finish it off with a blue bow and you are ready to go!



3)Belle”s Twisted Bun: Similar to the first two styles. Just braid and pin the extra hair into a mid-high bun (Fan out the bun for more fullness), then add a blue ribbon/ headband to match Belle’s.


4) Ballroom Belle: This is THE princess Belle look. I couldn’t stop staring at that golden hair piece Belle wore in this movie. It was a gorgeous remake of Belle’s hair accessory. This style is fit for a princess…. But the true beauty of this look is that you can wear it glammed up OR relax it for a casual day. Half-up buns are a fun and simple trend. I used some little gold leaf and flower pieces found at Hobby Lobby to stick around the bun as a gold accent accessory.


5)Final Scene Up-Style: I thought this final Belle look was dreamy! I loved her white floral gown, it was a stunner! If I could own that dress I would in a heartbeat! And her hair was just as magical. That low up-do is spectacular but doesn’t require much effort. Not to mention, the floral piece definitely perfects this look.


above are the hair accessories used.
(white flower stem, blue ribbon, and gold leaf & flower pieces.)
All of these were purchased at Hobby Lobby! And they are inexpensive too!



 Try these out this Spring and Summer! They are easy but absolutely darling styles. I hope you enjoy. And comment below with Questions/Comments about the styles, or things you loved about this enchanting new movie!



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