Bella Notte: Italian Date Night

January was the beginning for Radley and me as a part of our 12 months of Dates. Click HERE for our more about this gift. This date was our “Bella Notte” (Italian for beautiful night). This was so much fun to prepare for!

The mood was set with an Italian inspired table set up. Complete with vases, pitchers, and Ruscus greenery. I pulled out our beautiful china, strung up lights, and set out the candles to make it a romantic candle lit dinner.

I made sure to find a romantic Italian music playlist. It played pretty instrumentals, and one of those songs was my favorite because it totally reminded me of the song on “The Lady and the Tramp”!

I had him close his eyes when he came home from work, and told him to go into our room and put on a very nice outfit. All he knew was it was our Italian Date Night, but I wanted the set up and everything to be a surprise.

Like I said above, we dressed in our best. I was excited for the opportunity to pull out an evening gown I never got to wear before. (since I’m married I had to give up competing in local Miss America Pageants… Cause now I’m a MRS! 🙂 ) So this was a fun opportunity to get to dress up in this evening gown I loved. He wore his white shirt and black tie. We felt so classy. 🙂

I made a delicious shrimp alfredo. My older sister has amazing recipes on hand. So I knew to call her up for the best alfredo recipe. The recipe is here if you want to try it. On the side we had breadsticks, grapes, salad with Olive Garden Dressing, and sparkling cider in our champagne glasses.

When He came out and saw everything he was so happy, and loved all the little details. I loved his expression and wished I had a photo to document it. And the meal was a success, especially because he was starving. I know I really want to make this meal again because it was so yummy.

After dinner we finished the meal with mint chocolates and a delicious dessert… Raspberry Cheesecake Gelato. This was my first time trying gelato and I LOVE it. I’m seriously a little obsessed! 🙂

Overall, Rad and I both LOVED this date! It was a super romantic night that was inexpensive and fun to put together. Date nights in can be just as fun (or even more fun) as a night out on the town.

*By the way, excuse the lower quality pictures. This was documented on my phone, in the kitchen, late in the evening. Haha zero lighting. But luckily this should still document the fun of the date.


If you have fun dates you love or if you tried this one out let me know what you think. Comment below!





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