Bowling With My Babe: March Date

March’s date was bowling. List of our 12 months of dates is HERE.  Rad loves bowling and even took a bowling class this last semester. He is a million times better than me. (In fact I bet most anyone can beat me at bowling…  It’s just not my thing.) It was so much fun, we went and had a game of free bowling and just had to pay for shoes which is sweet! We also went during the day so it wasn’t very busy at all which meant there wasn’t a wait!

We put on our rental shoes & it was game on.

Bowling is such a fun date because it gets you out of the house, can be very inexpensive, and is an interactive activity. You can chat, laugh, and bring out some healthy competition. It is something you can do together for one on one time or make it a group date! We’ve gone on group dates before and it’s fun, but this was extra special to have a day date just us two.

 I’d suggest going to FatCats because they have a clean fun environment and a very friendly staff.

I’m so glad this was our date for March! We needed that one on one time enjoying a fun activity together. I of course lost this game, but maybe some day I can learn how to get some strikes and beat Radley. I can’t wait for our upcoming dates this year!

If you have dates that you love to go on with your spouse or significant other comment below! I hope you all can find special ways that can bring you and your love closer together!











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