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Tied With A Bow

Bows ,on Bows, on Bows oh my! …. A big style right now is ribbons and bows. You’ll see it a lot this season incorporated in both clothing and hair. In this last NYFW we saw a lot of bows and ribbon hair accessories rocked on the runways…..   NYFW^^   NYFW^^   Jonathan Simkhai , TIBI, and TORY BURCH were only a few of the many shows that sported that

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Extension Talk: Q&A

Hey lovelies, So I’ve received lots of questions about extensions! And Yes I wear extensions. (Sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t)… My extensions right now are the Bellami 22” clip-in extensions in ash blonde. You can find it here. It is the cooler shade of blonde. (and when I got them, they still had some slight golden tone to it, so I still had to purple shampoo it a couple

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5 Best Beauty Hacks: Part 1

Here I’ve listed 5 VERY HANDY beauty tricks I’ve learned through my own trial and error & through my experience as a cosmetologist. I will continue this series with more posts. So keep an eye out for part 2! 🙂       1) Teasing brush: Needing volume? This brush is for you. I sometimes like to tease the top sides of my hair a little, to make sure its not too flat.

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Beauty & The Beast Inspired Hair

Rad and I saw Beauty and the Beast on opening night on Thursday. He worries about taking me to movies sometimes, because I can kind of be a movie critic. But I thought this movie was SUPER CUTE! I loved it! If you haven’t seen it yet then RUN (don’t walk) to the theater right now! We are definitely going for round 2 soon, because it was just so cute!

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Getting Ready: Wedding Edition

The most important day to really get ready is the day of your wedding! Here is how I prepped and got ready on my special day. It is a lot of stress to know what to do and how to do it.  I went through pictures as I prepped for and planned my wedding, and I kept wishing I could ask these people what they did for their wedding….what foundation they

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Revitalize: Dry Recovery

Now that we’ve had to deal with our very dry winter climate for the past few months…. its taken affect on our hair and skin BIG time. Plus, for some reason I feel like the winter in Utah has been extra long this year.  The winter might have impacted us, But it’s time to start giving ourselves back some of that lost hydration and TLC! DRY HANDS: I normally don’t

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