Cinco De Mayo party:

I hope everyone had a happy Cinco De Mayo!

My dads birthday is May 5th, yet we haven’t thrown him a cinco de mayo themed birthday party before. So I thought it could be fun to incorporate that theme into his birthday BBQ. The 6th is my older sister’s birthday, so this was a fun combined birthday party get-together!



I made DIY decorations and little party touches to spice things up! This is great if your planning a party on a budget because you just need to find some items around your home!

1) The banner

to crate a banner like this. Just cut a rectangle, fold in half. Then just keep folding and cutting tissue paper to create fun shapes. Think of a snowflake, the more you fold and cut… The more intricate the design can become. Lay each tissue paper over a thread to create the banner.


2) The fan

This is very easy to do too. This took me back to my elementary school days making fans like this.

This is so simple it may not need an explanation… But if you don’t know how to make these then I’ll give you a basic step by step.

Just take some colored paper (if they aren’t already rectangular then I’d suggest to cut them to become rectangular.) You can also cut some paper to be smaller than others to create different sizes for your set up. Once they are all cut, you will then set your paper in front of you hot dog style (or long ways). Then fold back and forth all the way up to the top of the paper. When you get the the top and your paper looks like an accordion, then pinch the two ends together to create the fan. Staple (or glue or tape) the ends together. You can combine multiple fans together to create an even fuller look.


3) The cactuses

This one was super fun to make.

Find some rocks outside. Paint them shades of green. Set to dry.

Once dry, use white paint to create the points on the cactuses. You can do this by creating dashes, dots, X’s, lines with stars, and really just get creative with how you want your cactus to look.

If you want, you can add a pop of color/ a fun finishing touch by adding a flower on top. Use a little bit of pink or orange tissue paper. Cluster the tissue paper together. Then dab a little bit of paint or glue on the cactus, hold the tissue in place, and let it dry.

fill up a vase or pot with various sizes of rocks. But leave the smallest rocks for the very end. (Mine was so tall that I cheated a little. I stuffed half of the pot with tissue paper then stacked rocks on top) Once you have all of these big/medium sized rocks in place, put the cactus rocks in the pot, then fill around them with your smallest rocks. Then you’re all done!


4) The utensils

Paint up the handles of forks, knifes and spoons. (whatever utensils you are using for your party.) Paint with acrylic paint on one side and set on a flat surface to dry, then paint the other side and let that dry.

The cups are super easy, just make sure you have a good fine point paint brush. Haha I learned the hard way, my paint brush was big and hard to work with! Just write your phrase on the cup in acrylic paint and let dry thoroughly before stacking.




5) Finishing touches.

  • My parents have this awesome “quote board”.  It’s a normal frame with glass….Instead of adding a picture we add a piece of paper as the background (you can change the paper out whenever you’d like a new color.) Use a dry erase marker to write your phrase or quote on the glass. When you’re ready to write a new phrase just use windex and a paper towel to erase.
  • Find flowers, greenery, pitchers, vases, wooden pieces, any little touches you can around the home. I have this beautiful picnic basket that I was excited to use to decorate. I also loved to incorporate my blanket from Mexico.
  • You can even jazz up your seating with bright colored pillows. Don’t be afraid to use lots of fun beautiful colors in your fiesta.


  • You can even jazz up your seating with bright colored pillows. Don’t be afraid of lots of fun beautiful colors in your fiesta.



The food we had was hamburgers and fries. We had A BBQ because that’s what my dad and sister like. but we had tortilla chips and salsa, I made a super quick and yummy guacamole (recipe here), grabbed some Mexican sodas, and made sure the cake was bright and colorful.All of this helped add to the theme a little more.

*A funny story about the food mishap… We ordered a white cake with white icing because that is my dad’s ABSOLUTE favorite! But when we cut into it, we found they accidentally made it chocolate instead! My dad’s facial expression was hilarious. But don’t worry he went back and made sure he could get the one thing he really wanted for his birthday… white cake and white icing.)



***Im not sure if all dads are so tricky to pick a present for. But he is REALLY tricky. He already owns lots of fishing gear, tools, and all of the BYU swag you could imagine (perks of working on the BYU football team I guess). We decided on just a very simple and frugal gift…Peanut M&M’s, lime popsicles, sunflower seeds, and beef jerky.


The birthday fiesta was a blast! We ate yummy food, chatted, and just enjoyed the nice sunny day.

I’m so grateful for my dad and all he does for everyone! He’s seriously an amazing father and friend! I’d be lost without him, and I’m glad we were able to celebrate him in such a fun way!

I hope you all had a great Cinco De Mayo. Tell me about your fiestas! Comment below and let’s chat!






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