Day Date in Provo:

Radley and I enjoyed the nice sunny weather and went to downtown Provo to explore. It turned out to be such a fun date for us!


Rad and I checked out a few neat shops. I showed him one of my favorite shops that I found last year. It’s on Center Street and is called Unhinged. Its fun to even just go in and look around. It’s a super hip little shop. It has old retro clothes for men and women, funny books/journals, cute jewelry, vintage suitcases & cameras, succulents, even bath bombs… A bunch of random finds! It’s a freaking cool shop with sooo much to see in there. Last year I bought a darling old school skirt (with poems written all over it) from Unhinged.

When you walk upstairs you’ll find more clothing and… A BARBER SHOP! I obviously thought that was awesome! It was a classy looking barber shop too! The barber shop is called The Man Barber. So you need to stop by and check this gem out.


 After going to Unhinged, we went around the corner to Rockwell Ice Cream Co. It is a MUST for your list of ice cream shops to visit. They have classic and unique flavors including muddy buddy, honeycomb, and strawberry cream. Rad and I tried strawberry cream this time and it was delicious. The inside has a fun industrial look… Everything looks old fashioned from the lights to the walls. It’s so fun!


With the temple right there on Center we had to walk by and admire it. I love the statue in front with the cute little family. This temple  adds a truly beautiful touch to this area in Provo.



This was a simple date for us, but it was so much fun! We had a blast roaming the streets, checking out the shops, and enjoying each other’s company on the nice sunny day! I highly recommend a date where you can explore city or town around you & go get a little treat. It’s inexpensive and it takes you on a fun little adventure with your love!

If you enjoy exploring Provo or have fun inexpensive date ideas make sure to comment below! Thanks for reading!



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