Easter Traditions

As newlyweds Rad and I get to enjoy the traditions of both of our families and also start traditions if our own. Holidays are now a time to balance out both families and our own holiday fun.

This year my parents celebrated Easter a week early. We had a nice Sunday dinner, they gave us a cute easter basket full of sweets (this Easter was full of too much sugar for this candy addict).

Then came my favorite Easter tradition “The String Thing”. This is a tradition my grandparents started. And this is where we each have a ball of yarn and my parents come up with a starting point and at your string’s ending point there is a prize… they unravel the yarn all around the house and yard. We then start rolling up the yarn back into a ball as we maneuver around the house to find our prize! As we’ve gotten older it’s gotten more difficult. They wrap it over shower heads, through the basketball hoop, through and under cars, around tree branches… everyone starts at the same time and so we have to also duck and jump over everyone else’s strings. (It looks like a colorful laser scene in James Bond). Haha its super entertaining watching everyone roll their yarn while jumping and rolling around and getting all tangled up. This year rad’s prize was a big yoga ball for weight lifting, and I got a darling kimono wrap.

On Easter Sunday we went to rads grandmas house and had dinner. We also were able to do Rad’s favorite Easter tradition. It’s called the egg roll. (and no it’s not the Chinese food.) in this activity you take decorated hard boiled eggs and you roll them against your opponent on a long flat table. (Make sure to have people all along the edges to catch the eggs do they don’t fall on the floor.) only one egg will crack (science). Rads family is BIG into sports so they make sure to do this right. They fill out a bracket and have each winner move to the next round until the finals. Once your egg is cracked then you’re out. (If there are only a few of you, then you can do two eggs, and once they both are broken then you are out.) There isn’t really a strategy we’ve found. It’s mostly just luck. (I guess you could try to cheat and layer your egg with tons of coats of dyes and paints.) The winner this year was Rad’s cousin Maddie! 🙂 (rad and I were both out the first round….)  that’s a very fun way to make a sport out of egg dying.



Rad and I also did our own traditions. The easter bunny came to us and gave us little treats. We wanted to be frugal and make it small this year. We don’t have kids yet so it didn’t have to be huge (but I’m such a kid at heart and wanted to celebrate all the cheesy stuff too) we got little easter baskets at Walmart that were each under a dollar. I struggled at first to find stuff for a cheap little basket that a husband would love. But I figured it out. I got Rad a Blender Bottle, beef jerky, Dr.Pepper, gum, Reece’s Peanut Butter Eggs (his favorite), and other candy. It was fun to put it together. It’s exciting that one day when we have kids of our own we’ll get to spoil them a little bit.

Other than easter baskets we had a yummy brunch with crepes, orange juice, a green smoothie, sausage and cheesy eggs. It was delicious and fun to make with Rad! 🙂

Another important easter tradition I’ll do every year is decorate the house. I love adding little touches to make the season fun. I was prepared and decorated a few weeks before Easter. I loved the little ducks on our dinner table. They are sooo darling! Though, Rad always teased me at EVERY MEAL (I kid you not). He said that they would just stare him down . Haha well he might have not liked them, but I think they are adorable and if I have it my way we’d have them there every Easter, so he better get used to their staring contests.. 🙂

Cadbury eggs are a must this time of year…(well any time of year, but this time ESPECIALLY). They remind me of Canadian Smarties. I decided to incorporate them into decorations. I decided to display them in our cute little glass container in our living room. It always holds some type of treat. The last couple months it held gold kisses. And I’ll be completely honest, I’m definitely the one that eats ALL of the treats in there…

I also decorated our coffee table with a light blue cloth, our vine candle holder, and some little flower clusters. That simple edition looked fresh and elegant in our living room.

I’m hoping next year to try filling egg shells with paint and throwing them at a canvas, or to try a glow in the dark egg hunt, or an egg hunt with scriptures and easter quotes. I saw these ideas on Pinterest and so we might incorporate some of those into our family traditions.

Unfortunately we just didn’t have time to do everything this year. But I’m hoping we figure out our own traditions to carry on with our little family.

Overall it was a beautiful Sunday. We had fun enjoying the family activities we grew up loving and starting our own little activities together. It is such a blessing that we get to celebrate our saviors life, atonement and resurrection. I’m feeling extra blessed for his love and all he did to make it possible to be with my family for eternity!

I hope you all had a wonderful easter! Tell me about it I’m the comments below. And Do you have any Easter or other family traditions you love??

Thanks for reading!



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