Enjoy the Journey- 8 Winter Self Care Ideas

It’s important to enjoy life. It’s quite the adventure with all the highs and lows included. Sometimes life can get busy and overwhelming and tough. I am a huge sun chaser. . as Olaf says in FROZEN, I love all things summer, and sun, and all things hot. I honestly am not a big fan of winter. The cold dark months can make me feel down and lonely. Especially after all of the Christmas fun it can be hard to be positive, motivated, and to find time to appreciate each moment. It can be hard to also be positive about yourself and give yourself the love and attention you deserve. Let’s be honest, we need to care for ourselves first so that we have the ability to help those around us. It is a hard concept, trust me I am not the best at taking care of myself. This is why I have found these practices to really help make a difference in my life.

Here are some cozy ideas to slow down and enjoy each day this winter. and treat yourself without spending a lot of money.

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I like to keep a few cozy fuzzy socks to put on when I am at home. Slippers are so nice too! Put on your softest sweater or bathrobe. Grab the fluffiest blanket you have. Cuddle with your fluffy pet (if you have one.) And just take in all of the softness. I am a huge fan of being comfortable. And to me, fuzzy/fluffy everything screams comfort.



Baths are so great to relax and warm up. Once in a while try to make it a little more luxurious.The feeling of luxury doesn’t have to come at a large cost. To spice it up buy a bath bomb, epsom salts, or bubble bath soap to add to a warm bath. Light a couple candles and play some music. It can be spa music or your favorite jams. You can also just enjoy the silence, because sometimes we need a moment to enjoy stillness. After the relaxing bath, put on some hydrating lotion. Your skin will thank you, as it will definitely need EXTRA hydration in the dry winter months.



I like to grab my heated blanket and mix up a cup of hot cocoa (with marshmallows of course!). If we had a fireplace I would sit by the fire too. Something about fireplaces are just so dang cozy! So what I like to do to se the vibe is to go to NETFLIX and turn on the FIREPLACE show. It turns on an hour of fireplace flames/ fire crackling. I am obsessed! Rad thinks its ridiculous, haha but I love it! It helps me feel warm, cozy, and makes up for the fact that we don’t have our own fireplace.



I am a candle queen. I love candles everywhere. Coming home and lighting candles everywhere helps me feel cozy. It gives such a peaceful ambience that I adore. You don’t have to buy expensive candles at all. I go to the dollar Store or IKEA to get packs of candles for cheap. Having a calming or energizing scent helps you to set a vibe in the room as well.



This doesn’t have to be a guided meditation. It totally can be if that is what you like. This can also be as simple as breathing. I like to sit down, close my eyes and focus on my breathing. It helps ground myself and helps me be present in the moment. It is crazy that we take for granted such simple things such as breathing. It helps me to not worry about everything I have to do in the future and to just focus on the here and now. Here are a couple Iphone apps that help with breathing/meditation: BREATHE and RELAX MELODIES.



Sometimes you just need a reminder to enjoy the journey. I like to post sticky notes on my mirror and other places to remind me that it can be a good day. You can write uplifting affirmations, quotes, anything to bring positive vibes into your life. I know some people have alarms go off on their phones with similar reminders to help them throughout the day. Or to remind them to stop, breath and enjoy the day. It is such a simple thing to do, but it really can help brighten up cold gloomy days.



Emergen-C can help you stay away from all of the nasty sicknesses this time of year. I have a terrible immune system and get sick many many times a year. I take this to help keep my illnesses at bay, and limit the amount of times I feel crummy. If you mix Emergen-C packets with orange juice it actually tastes pretty good! If where you live is dark and has little sunshine, invest in going to a tanning bed to get vitamin D. Or use happy lights to help give your body what its lacking from the little exposure to sunshine. I want to get a bunch of happy lights in our home! It is hard to remember to take your vitamins and give your body what it needs, but it certainly makes a difference. Take care of your body and it will take care of you.




Get up and get ready. When you get dressed and get ready for the day you are much more productive and you set your day up for success. This is such a fun time of year to play around with your makeup routine. During the winter season you can go more bold and deep with your color pallet.  Experiment with new colors you haven’t tried before, try some sparkle, or put on a bold lip. Look forward to trying something new and enjoy mixing up your beauty routine.


I suggest you make the time for these things. I literally have to put “me time” on my calendar so that I can actually prioritize it.  I have reminders to take my vitamins and relax too! Life can get busy (especially this time of year) and it is important to not neglect ourselves. Add these ideas to your daily calendar and start taking care of yourself this season. You are SO important, and it’s not selfish to take some time to care for yourself. Get cozy this winter and let me know how these go for you. Comment below your favorite self care ideas for the winter time.












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