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Hey lovelies, So I’ve received lots of questions about extensions!

And Yes I wear extensions. (Sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t)… My extensions right now are the Bellami 22” clip-in extensions in ash blonde. You can find it here. It is the cooler shade of blonde. (and when I got them, they still had some slight golden tone to it, so I still had to purple shampoo it a couple times to make it blend even better with my hair. But after that they matched great!)

These extensions are great, there are 10 pieces and a total weight of 220 grams…. That just means more hair and thickness to work with! (Which is great because its more bang for your buck!)

A couple years ago I used the Euronext extensions at Sally’s .and they are cheaper, but they discontinued my shade (I was darker back then). I then tried a halo for a while. Then I just stopped wearing extensions for a while. But now that I found this brand, I can tell a difference.It is thicker and nicer quality. So if you’re willing to spend a little more then I would totally go for these ones!

Below is the Q & A all about extensions:



A:   There are two categories of extensions… permanent and temporary

Permanant obviously aren’t exactly permanent. You need to get them tightened or placed again as your hair grows out. So every couple months you need to keep up on the in-salon maintenance. But once they are placed you keep them in until your next appointment

Temporary just means you take it in and out each morning and evening.


Sew in: tight braids (cornrows). then the weft is sewn throughout the braided sections.

Tape in: Sticky adhesive bonding the weft to the base of your hair.

Beaded : micro beads, clamped and tightened to the base of your hair.

Bonded or glued:These are attached to the hair via little keratin bonds at the tip of the extension which are fused with a little hot tool.


Halo: clear thin line that sits on head. (sits positioned similar to a headband, flower crown, or as the name states “halo”)

Clip In’s: Just like the name says, it is individual wefts with clips attached to insert at the base of the hair!

*My Opinion:

Some people love permanent types of extensions because they can have them placed and they don’t have to worry about putting them in every day. It sounds great! And it works great for a lot of people… But my favorite for me are CLIP-INS! 🙂

Why I ALWAYS choose temporary extensions (and more specifically clip-ins) is because I love to take them out at night and let my scalp breathe. I can get headaches pretty easily and so it is nice to let my head breathe every night. I cant imagine having it wefted to my hair and not being able to take it out…. (then again, some people don’t mind it at all…. Personal opinion…) I’ve tried Halos too, but mine did give me more of a headache. They blended nicely but they might have been measured too tight for my head. I KID YOU NOT, at the end of each day I had a red indent in my scalp…. I hope that’s not the normal case for most people…. because OUCH! I also love that with clips I can move them around and place them how I want depending on the hairstyle I’m doing…( I place some upside down for high ponytails. I place some at diagonals for up-styles and braids. So I get to decide where they are placed …helping me hide them when I do versatile styles. )

If you want permanent extensions for length or volume I would suggest sew-ins. Tape in’s are generally best for spot treatments. (say one side of your hair is thinner, then you can add a couple wefts on the side.) But if you get a reliable brand then some people still love tape-ins for a full head. If you get quality tape-ins they should stay put okay. I was trained on extensions and learned that beaded and bonded can cause damage to your hair. (similar to how cluster lashes cause damage to lashes.) I would just suggest sew in’s or tape ins for your permanent extensions.


A:  I do offer services in cutting, coloring, & styling education for extensions. I offer sew-in services and will most likely  service tape-ins as well.  I can remove beaded, but am not offering that service to clients. I offer those couple options for permanent extensions, but once again I am a true fan of clip ins. If you have clip ins and need them cut or want your hair colored and matched, then I do that as well. I don’t sell any extensions right now. When a client comes in for sew-ins they would buy both the hair and service through me. But I don’t JUST sell extensions (halos, clip ins, tape ins, etc….)  to people. I just have opinions on the brands of extensions you should get. 🙂


A:  Human hair! Always! Synthetic is cheaper (and looks cheaper), wont last long, and you cant really use heat on them. (even if it says so). Not worth the money in my opinion. I use 100% remy human hair…. Great quality!


A:  Many people believe that extensions can harm your hair. As mentioned above, some (such as beaded and bonded) can. But I have found extensions to be super safe and effective for me. here are factors that can cause damage.

*If permanent extensions (tape-in and sew-ins) are placed incorrectly or if you are too harsh on your hair (yanking the hair, brushing rough, or picking at the base) it obviously could cause damage.

*For temporary extensions, if lots of incorrect teasing or pulling on your hair takes place (once again being rough with your hair and the base of the hair) then damage can be caused.

If you take good care of your hair and extensions they should be a safe and effective way to get beautiful, long, luscious locks!

*So NOW that we’ve covered the basics on the difference in types of extensions. I’m going to focus on questions based towards clips. (since they are what I use) ….The information will be similar for other types but it is focused on Clip-Ins.


A:  It depends on the quality of the brand. Bellami offers thicker and higher quality hair than my previous hair. There are also other brands that offer high quality hair. (My favorite right now is Bellami. I’ve heard pretty good things about laced hair, barefoot blonde, luxy hair, and honey hair extensions. Just note that some of these brands offer only clips, only tapes, etc…)

If you take good care of your extensions they should last around 3-4 months. Mine can last me around 6+ months (especially when I don’t wear them every single day)

**Sew in’s will be tightened every couple months as your hair grows out. you can generally use the same hair about 3 times before the hair wears down.


A:  Extensions (just like your own hair) require some TLC. I admit I’m not always the best at taking the best care of my extensions.. But when I do treat them nice, I notice that they stay prettier longer. (Again these directions are directed to clip ins but remain similar to other extensions.)

1) WASHING: But only around every week or two (depending on how much you wear them and how dirty they get). It might seem gross to think about at first. BUT The less you have to wash them the less you wear it down. They shouldn’t get as dirty as your natural hair. When you wash, never wash with them while they’re still in your hair. Wash each individual weft like you do your own hair. Get it wet, shampoo, rinse, conditioner, rinse. Take one weft at a time and gently brush through with your fingers massaging the products and rinsing.  Brush them and Lay them flat to dry (over night is best to let them air dry.. And yes it could be alarming to someone walking in to the sight of towels with hair sitting on them…. But who cares? haha its worth it!)

2) WATCH THE HEAT: Try not to use heat too much. If you are running low on time and can’t let your extensions air dry, then you can gently blow dry them.  (but in moderation). The beauty of hair extensions is that they can hold style very well. I can curl my extensions then after the first use I can just focus on curling my hair to blend with them. The curl in my extensions lasts a long time. So try to use minimal heat, and lower heat settings. (Curling blends the extensions with your own hair the best and easiest. But sometimes I’ve even straightened my hair with extensions in. If you choose that then just be careful with that blend.) I also braid my hair a lot when I have extensions in, and that cuts out a lot of the heat I apply on the extensions.

3) AVOIDING: Avoid wearing them to the pool or in the salty ocean. It just puts salt and chlorine in it… And it means you’ll need to wash them again. But you can still do it once in a while. Just remember it helps them to last longer, but if you don’t mind that, then you can totally still wear them when swimming. Try to avoid windy weather because of the tangles as well. And avoid sleeping in them… It will tug on your hair, its not comfortable, and it will again tangle your extensions… If you occasionally cant avoid wearing them in the water, wind, or fall asleep with them in… just try to braid or gently pull your hair back so it doesn’t tangle as easily.


Be nice and be gentle to your extensions. Brush them and lay them in a flat space at night. The brush you use with these is important…. It cant be too rough on the hair, because you don’t want the hair to come loose from the weft holding it together. Looped bristle brushes are great because they don’t snag as easily. Here is one similar to my loop brush I use f for only about $7.

**Once again, sew in’s have similar instructions….go to bed with your hair in a loose braid, avoid too much chlorine or swimming, add light oils or conditioners to them every once in a while to help the softness. be gentle when brushing your hair. just be super nice to them, and then they will be nice to you in return. 🙂

Hopefully everything was answered in this Q & A. If you didn’t get the chance to tell me your extension question or if you have any comments please comment below. And  if you’re more visual & want me to demonstrate placement, care or tips for extensions through a tutorial, please let me know that as well! Thanks for reading!!



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