Mother Daughter Cooking: Frozen Meals

Okay so my mom is a meal prep genius. When Radley and I got married she made us some pre-prepped frozen meals… and they may have saved us from starving a time or two. She honestly has THE best storage room with a couple of extra freezers… and she freezes a lot of different types of food. I wanted to become more like her.. So a one Sunday we had a frozen meal making party. Here are two of our simple & handy dandy freezer recipes to have on hand.

1) Frozen Pre-Cooked & Shredded Chicken:

This is probably one of Rad’s favorite things we prepare. He loooves his protein, and I’m not always the best at making sure we get it in our diets. It is so nice to walk over to the fridge, pull out a bag of ready to go chicken, defrost it, and plop it right into any salad, quesadilla, pasta, sandwich, nachos, or ANYTHING that we want some meat added in.

I brought over my pressure cooker and a bag of Tyson Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts. Then it was time to get cookin’!



This is SUPER easy. You literally use 2 ingredients…. the frozen chicken and some water. So first you place the chicken in the pressure cooker. (mine is the Power Presure Cooker XL and it’s bomb! It cooks so fast. With this I even beat my mom at finishing the chicken.)

I added the frozen chicken and added about a 1/3 glass of water.

My pressure cooker isn’t just fast, it’s easy to use. Press the Chicken/meat button, Follow the venting instructions at the top, then it will start to build pressure and cook.

Once It is all done, you remove the chicken with tongs. Once cooled, you can rinse off any extra fat still on the chicken. Then shred it up and put it in the bags. (The chicken should be soft enough that you can just tear it with your hands.)

Finish it off by dating the bags and freezing your meat! Now your last minute meals are going to be a breeze to throw together with this pre-made chicken. Not to mention this will last in your freezer for a few months…BONUS!

*SIDE NOTE: Any extra water left in the pressure cooker can either be tossed, or you can use it in chicken noodle soup as a chicken broth. (I used my excess water for a delicious chicken noodle soup then just froze that too. So we got extra prepped with this.)


And here are the frozen baggies! haha the second picture is for Rad. He thought I should get more posy posy, so here’s me trying to model the frozen chicken. 🙂


^^^Above are the finished frozen baggies! haha the second picture is for Rad. He thought I should get more posy, so here’s me trying to ridiculously model the frozen chicken. 🙂


I know meatloaf isn’t everyone’s favorite. And thats okay! This is one of the few meatloaf recipes that I actually enjoy. And again, anyone who knows Rad definitely knows that he loves all things MEAT! So a LOAF of meat is sure to make him happy. 🙂 This will be great for me to pull out on a busy evening adding a side of mashed potatoes and a salad. As you can totally tell from this post I’m all about the EASIEST go-to meals.


Ingredients needed:

oats (about 1/3 cup)

onion soup mix (1 packet)

green pepper (1/2)

onion (1/2)

water (1/2 cup)

egg (1)

ketchup (about 1/3 cup)

and of course the meat!


First empty out the package of meat in a bowl….

Next take half of a pepper and half of an onion and chop it up. (this works great if you cook with your mom or a friend. She used half for her batch and I used my half. It worked out perfectly.)

Add all the ingredients to the meat. (half a pepper, half an onion, 1 onion soup mix packet, 1 egg, 1/2 cup water, 1/3 cup oats, and 1/3 cup ketchup)

And this doesn’t have to be precise. You can eye it, because (as my mom says) you just cant go wrong when making meatloaf!

Next just mix the ingredients… use a fork if you so desire… I ended up following my mom and just mixed it up with my hands! ( Haha but don’t worry, my hands were totally clean!!)


Pat the meatloaf into a cupcake tin. (Be aware that it may take more than one pan.) Freeze the meatloaf for a couple hours or until it is frozen enough to pop out of the tin. Then you can store these in tupperware containers. (Doing that will give you more room in your freezer and you can continue to use your muffin tin for other treats.)


*When you are ready to cook up some of your delicious meatloaf put it back in muffin tins, heat the oven to 350 degrees, and cook for about 45 minutes. Then it is all ready to go…. see Fast and Easy!

Comment below some of your favorite frozen meals or how else you like to meal prep. I know for me it is a lifesaver! If you tried either of these I’d love to know how it went for you! Thanks for reading!!





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