New Year New you: 19 ideas for a better you in 2019

Well, 2018 was a great year but now it is time to welcome 2019! Let’s go into this year with a bang! This is a year to improve and to try new things! I love this fresh start, and love to welcome in changes. Here are 19 ways for change to become a NEW YOU this new year!




Be bold and do a big chop! Or get a healthy trim to give it a fresh shiny look. Bangs or face framing can jazz up your style and draw attention to your face. You can add layers to mix up the silhouette of the hair. And did you know there are different shapes in your hair cut?

Try out a different shape for a softer or more dramatic look:

Want a softer look? Ask for a round shape?

Want it blunt? Try square!

Want drama? Go with triangular!

Do your research and make sure you are confident in your decision before you cut it! ( I always remind my clients that it is much easier to take more off than to put it back on.) Make sure to communicate your vision well with your hairstylist. If you try a new cut be willing to learn how to properly style your new look, so that you can enjoy it everyday, and not just when you walk out of the salon!




If cutting is not for you! Extensions are a fun way to make a beautiful transformation! You can instantly add volume and/or length, it is a dream come true! Dimension/ color can also be added with extensions! My favorite types of extensions are clip ins or tape ins! My favorite brands are LACED, HONEY HAIR,  and BELLAMI I will forever be a fan of the magic extensions can do.




Try it out, change it up. Try a color you haven’t done before! Go really bold or try something safer by adding some soft sun kissed highlights. If you want low maintenance then get a balayage. You can also try a temporary color if you aren’t committed to the new color. Since this process involves chemicals, I HIGHLY suggest getting it done by a licensed professional… you want it to be a POSITIVE change for the new year, so leave it up to a professional to keep the health/integrity of your hair.




Sometimes you can get stuck in a rut and do the same things (including the same makeup routine.). Buy a new makeup pallet or try a different makeup brand! Having a fresh new pallet is so nice. It help you feel great! Try something you haven’t before. (remember it doesn’t have to cost a lot. Set a budget and find one new thing in your price range.) Get some pretty smoky eyeshadow colors if you haven’t tried it before or try a new bronzer! Want to learn contouring? Find a pallet and try it out! This year I want to try out a couple new makeup brands and am excited to experiment!





Consistency is key to skincare. This is a BIG one that I need to work on this year. find a skincare routine that works for your skin needs and BE CONSISTENT. Stick to the routine that you set for yourself. If this means starting out small ( a makeup remover and gentle face wash) then start with that! It doesn’t mean you need to start with all the daily cleansers, moisturizers, toners, treatments, and masks right off the bat. Don’t overwhelm yourself! Take baby steps in the right direction to achieve the healthy skin you deserve! Don’t forget to moisturize your skin or to wear sunscreen this year! You’ll thank yourself later for taking good care of your skin!





Want to know one of the ultimate secrets to beauty?  H20! Seriously, staying hydrated is KEY to beautiful nails, skin, and hair! You’ll be glowing. And drinking water helps you stay healthy and energized. I need to do 1,000 times better with this one! But I just got a super cute water bottle to carry around with me to remind me to stay hydrated! Get a cute new water bottle and Set reminders on your phone too, so you can remember to get your water intake! Whatever you do, just make sure to make it a habit this year! It’s such a simple thing that is SO important for your beauty routine!




Take your vitamins and exercise! If you take care of your body it will take care of you. What is on the inside of your body reflects on the outside. HONESTLY! In hair school, one of my instructors told us about one of his clients that was a heavy smoker, and when he washed out the client’s hair, NICOTINE was coming out! This is an extreme circumstance, but it proves just how important taking care of your health is! What you put in your body really reflects outwards as well! So make sure to take your vitamins, eat healthy, and get moving. Try to take steps in a healthier direction this year!




It is called beauty sleep for a reason. When you are well rested you are more alert and have energy for the day. Other than getting rid of looking & feeling groggy, It helps decrease bags/ dark circles under your eyes. Sleep also can reduce red eyes.  Let’s just be honest, a good night of sleep gives you an overall fresh healthy glow. Make sure to prioritize your sleep and your body will reflect that healthy well-rested appearance.




Lipstick is a simple way to make you look put together. Some days I put on a little concealer, mascara, and lip color and no one knows that I rolled out of bed and had only 2 seconds to get ready. It’s an effortless way to look done up. And did you know that a hack to get people to listen to you/ a tip for a public speaking & job interviews is to wear a lip color?! It draws attention to your mouth and emphasizes attention to the words you say! This is true for a reason! If you aren’t used to wearing a lip color then start out with a neutral pink. But also don’t be afraid to go bold! Winter is a perfect time to play with bold colors! Try a rich red or a bold purple! Don’t be afraid what other people might think, if you end up loving a hot pink on your lips then ROCK THAT look! I love seeing people wear fun lip colors! It is a perfect finishing touch to up your beauty game!




Try something new! Hate your hair pulled back? Try it for a few days! Hate red nail polish on you? Try red nail polish for once! Do you always wear makeup? Try no makeup for a day. Its freeing to try something new and different. And who knows, you may actually love it! I used to HATE my hair pulled back, but I learned to embrace it and now love to pull it back in fun new ways! If you go into it with and open mind you may be pleasantly surprised with what you find!




Your brows help frame your face! It’s crazy what a difference the shape of your brows can do to your appearance. Microblading is a popular service for brows lately! But if you don’t have the money or bravery for microblading…. (its okay me neither.) Then try brow tinting/ waxing.  It is such a great service to invest in. If you are more of a Do-It-Yourself person, then learn how to fill in your brows correctly at home. Two of my easy breezy brow tips are:

#1 use one of these handy dandy tools to shape your brows and remove peach fuzz. They are inexpensive and wonderful!

#2 Use powders for filling in your brows, to give it a more natural textured look.




Lashes are like eyebrows, they can make a big difference in your look. Are you hoping to up your lash game this year? Get lash extensions! They are so nice to have! You wake up and feel ready for the day. They are beautiful and can be as natural or dramatic as you want. (remember to go to a certified artist for brow and lash services.) If lash extensions aren’t in the budget for you, then try lash perming or tinting. It works great for a lovely natural look! Are you looking for something you can do yourself, or you want a little more volume than what your natural lashes can offer? Then try lash strips. Just try not to use lash strips daily, they eventually can cause holes in your lash line and permanent damage if you are not gentle & careful.

(Also WARNING please avoid cluster lashes like the plague! These are not safe for your lashes! Stay far away from those bad boys!)

I like to use strip lashes for photoshoots or date nights! Strip lashes are safe to use in moderation as long as you apply them and remove them correctly.  I also have an instagram story in my beauty highlights on how to apply lash strips if you need . Want your natural lashes to grow? Use BABE LASH! I hear this stuff works wonders for longer/ thicker lashes! Rodan and Fields has a comparable product as well!




I need to work on this! I have THE WORST POSTURE! It is crazy what good posture can do for your appearance. You look more put together, and your body will appreciate it in the long run! Make an effort to recognize when you’re slouching and sit up straight, pull your shoulders back, and keep that chin up! Haha I think of the movie The Princess Diaries when Anne Hathaway’s character Mia learns to correct her posture! Watch that scene and get inspired!




Did you know you should clean your personal makeup brushes often? I’m talking every week or two! Try to get in the habit of washing them, These brushes go on your face each day, so make sure they stay clean! On my instagram stories I share a hack on how to clean your makeup brushes on a budget! It is the only way I clean mine! Take care of your makeup tools so they can do their job properly.




We can tend to hold on to old products. When was the last time you used that dried up mascara? Throw it out! More than half of my nail polish colors were dried out and I finally threw them out! It takes up unnecessary space! You don’t need to clutter your lives with beauty supplies! If its in good condition but you don’t love it, throw it away or give it to someone who will love it! Keep your favorite items and keep it organized. Keep your makeup brushes in a holder, and have drawers for your makeup. Clean out the hair in your hairbrush! organize all of your bobby pins and hair elastics! Start fresh now, and keep up on it throughout the year so it doesn’t clutter up throughout the year! 




If you are trying to grow out your hair or just trying to get your hair healthy this year then DITCH THE HEAT! Have days where you let your hair air dry. On those ‘no wash’ days, use dry shampoo and pull it into a loose braid. There are surprisingly a lot of no heat hairstyles that you can try! But honestly, this a challenge for a reason, it is not always easy. You have to make a conscious effort/ plan to pull this off. I tried this last year for a couple months and I loved it! It is easier to try this challenge in the warmer months so you can let your wet hair air dry. When you do use heat, make sure to use a heat protectant and turn down the heat of your hot tools. This is a great challenge to try in 2019!




Confidence is key! Love who you are and embrace it! It is hard… I admit that I struggle with this a lot. It’s a constant journey that we always need to work on. If you can love yourself and be confident you will up your beauty game. Be proud of who you are, you can do hard things and are AMAZING! We can be our worst critic, stop being so hard on yourself. When you start to say mean things to yourself think, “Would I say this to my best friend?” And then stop saying those hurtful things to yourself. Every morning wake up, look at yourself in the mirror and instead of instantly tearing yourself down, tell yourself positive affirmations! Write those affirmations on sticky notes if you have to! I have sticky notes on my mirror with positive affirmations! And it is a game changer! Once again, I need to work on it more this year because I know it will be a HUGE step in the right direction!





Be positive! You’re never fully dressed until you put on a smile! The way you carry yourself can change your look! Be happy and positive and you will automatically look 100 x better! People will be drawn to you if you have an uplifting vibe. Some days are hard, and you have to fake it until you make it! Trust me, I have hard days just like everyone else! You can keep a gratitude journal to help you stay positive too! Whenever you are out, try to smile as much as you can. You might even make someone’s day with just a simple smile! It truly is the best accessory!





Leave those bad habits behind in 2018. I admit, I am a nail picker… I never have long nails because I rip them off! It is such an awful habit. If you pick at your skin, pull on your lashes, or pop your zits then STOP it! As with any habit you have to be consistent for about a month or so, to break a bad habit. It’s not easy but it will be worth it! 2019 is about change in the right direction, and we don’t need those bad habits dragging us down!


There are a LOT of ideas listed here! Don’t overwhelm yourself with too many goals at once. Pick a couple ideas to work on at a time. Then when you have habits built you can add a new goal to your list. This year is a great time to start to look good, feel good, and do good. Give yourself the confidence you need to be the best version of yourself and accomplish incredible things this year! Which of these goals will you be working on this year? comment below!

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