Organizing on a Dollar

     As you know Rad and I are newlyweds and obviously find every deal we can! I’ve learned over the past few years to love the dollar store. I’ve realized I can find some gems there to help me save money while organizing our home. Similar items for organizing cost a lot more money at local stores, and so I was thrilled to find these super cheap alternatives to make sure I have a tidy house. Below are a few of my favorite Dollar Store finds!


I’m always getting more bins from the dollar store. I use them to organize my closet and my pantry. You can get them in a variety of colors and sizes. It’s perfect for organizing on a low budget. Instead of one bin for $3 you can buy 3 bins for $1 each!




I found this at the dollar store and am pumped! You can hang up jewelry, hats, work out tanks, bras, or other articles of clothing. Really anything! This keeps things in their own spot within my closet so I don’t have to throw them in a drawer. It is a great investment for just a dollar!

Mini Shelf Divider:

I LOVE these cute mini shelves for my cabinets. I can organize my mugs and small plates. I also keep some other ones around the house. I use one in my pantry to give me more room for items. It doubles your cupboard space without breaking your budget.

Dividers for pans/ lids:

When I bought our pots and pans, the store associate emphasized the importance of not stacking these. It will scratch and wear them out fast. I am able to keep the cabinet organized and save space by dividing some of my pots with this divider. I also can separate my lids with these dividers! It’s perfect and yes these are from the dollar store!



Wire Waste Basket:

I love this basket more than my other trash cans that cost more money. This one is cuter and bigger too. Just put a trash bag in here and you are good to go! This also can be used for organizing toys, small blankets, or other items.



Hopefully some of these ideas help you! If you like these $ store finds or have some of your favorite cheap finds make sure to comment below!



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