Revitalize: Dry Recovery

Now that we’ve had to deal with our very dry winter climate for the past few months….

its taken affect on our hair and skin BIG time. Plus, for some reason I feel like the winter in Utah has been extra long this year.

 The winter might have impacted us, But it’s time to start giving ourselves back some of that lost hydration and TLC!


I normally don’t a tough time with dry skin. I’ve been the lucky one that got away with the damaging affect of winter.

But this year I wasn’t so lucky. My little sister even pointed out in the middle of church how awful and dry my hands were. Yeah they were THAT bad….embarrassing!

I know that the yummy smelling lotions you get from places like Bath and Body Works are SUPER  appealing, but

They generally don’t do the best job to hydrate your skin. Those brands focus on the smell. ( I still use fragranced lotions, but just when I’m trying to focus on the smell, not hydration.)

This time of year, its time to put the focus on a lotion that have ingredients that will get the job done and hydrate!

HEMPZ lotion is great for your hands and your feet! It is an Herbal Body Moisturizer and it uses 100% Pure Organic Hemp Seed Oil which is Ah-mazing for hydration!

Radley originally recommended it to me…and through research I’ve found great reviews all around. So I tried it and LOVE it too!

I even keep a travel sized one by my bed and in my purse!



This year my heels got SO BAD that I just couldn’t stand it anymore.

I frantically went to my mom’s house and asked for her advice, because she struggles with dryness each year.

She gave me a super effective regimen to get rid of that annoying dry cracking feet.

1)File your foot. Get all that dead skin OFF! But please don’t make it raw… if you’re extra dry and callused you can repeat this process over a matter of days. don’t over do it all at once and struggle walking on raw feet! OUCH!

I got a foot file from Salon Centric (but that’s a salon that requires a cosmetology license) . But I also LOVE the PED EGG… Probably even more than my foot file. (you can get it at Walmart).

2) The next step is apply Baby Balm. Don’t by shy, smother that jelly gold all over your feet!

3) Put socks on and sleep! Let the Balm soak in all night… It might feel greasy or weird to you at first, but it is totally worth it! In the morning you can wipe off any access product if needed.

You’ll see improvement after the first night. And You can repeat these steps each night until you feel back to normal. It only took me a couple nights to feel all smooth again.


The weather (especially here in Utah) can get extra dry in the Winter.

Deep Conditions at the salon are fabulous. I treat my clients to Aveda Dry Remedies deep condition treatments or Awapuhi treatments to hydrate their hair. I also love to give scalp treatments… Because they are so relaxing and your head will surely feel revitalized and brand new!

below is my kit of Awapuhi Keratriplex treatments.

(Remember deep conditioning treatments such as this Awapuhi are not for at home care, these are professional use only. So check to see if there is a salon near you that offers deep conditioning/ scalp treatments.)



Now that I told you of some amazing things a stylist can do to help you out……If you are in need some at-home care products these are a few of my favorites:

1) Coconut oil (I’m sure you’ve heard of this one)


2) Dry Remedies Oil  


I focus on the ends of my hair and let it sit (at least a couple hours at night).. You can even leave it at night (Just make sure to wear a shower cap or cover your pillow with a towel so the oil doesn’t ruin your bed or sheets.)

Dry remedies Oil can be used on dry hair. You can put it on your dry hair in the morning and wear it throughout the day. But if you do this just make sure you

1. Don’t have super extra fine hair!

2. only use a couple drops!

3. only apply mid-shaft to ends! Not the scalp, it WILL look greasy!

I don’t apply it to my dry hair during the day, but I will use it on some clients. And my mom uses it on her dry hair and doesn’t have a problem with it weighing down her hair. It is personal preference Just find out what works best for you!

**Also dont forget to drink plenty of water. H20 helps your skin and hair glow too. It’s golden! ( I need to start taking this advice, cause I’ve been so bad at drinking enough water daily)

Hopefully you’ll try these remedies out and treat yourself to some much needed hydration! Comment below any questions, or tips/ products you’ve tried and if you liked these remedies mentioned above!

Thanks for reading! Until next time!



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