At home teeth whitening: How to be more confident in your smile

      Confidence, self care, and whitening your teeth from the comfort of your home!


 A smile is your best accessory! Wear it proudly.



One of my goals this year to a new & improved me is to smile more! We all have things that we feel insecure about, and when I’m insecure about my smile I don’t show it off nearly as much as I should. I went through a phase I stopped prioritizing and caring for myself.. I wanted to focus on being more confident.

About a year ago, I was able to go get my teeth whitened at Fresh Smiles in Utah, and I loved it. I felt so proud to show off my smile. Since it has been so long my service there, and I have been really wanting to whiten my teeth again. Especially after all of the staining foods I love to eat (berries, soda, red pastas, etc…)

I also have tried Crest Whitening Strips, but those always are annoying to leave on and make my teeth super sensitive!

When Smile Brilliant reached out, I was so excited about their at home whitening kit! Its an Easy home whitening service for an affordable price thats under $200!

I can get professionally whitened teeth by myself, from the comfort of my home? I can whiten while still getting stuff done throughout the day?

YES and YES!! I was so excited to try it out for myself!




Since its so easy to use and convenient I could go and do pretty much anything while I whitened. It’s easy to multitask with this kit!

Life has been crazy and just down right HARD. I recently went through a stage where I wasn’t able to take care of myself and it was really affecting me in many aspects of my life. I was so busy trying to help everyone around me and letting life drag me down that I forgot to take care of myself.

Once I received the kit, I made the decision to set aside time each day to focus on me and my self care. This was a great way to focus on my smile and I committed to spending an hour of that whitening time on ME TIME. You whiten for 45 minutes to 3 hours, and I focused 1 hour of that time to prioritizing my needs.



Here are a few things I did while I whitened to give myself some self care:

Taking a bath- I recently have been LOVING baths. I love to relax in the warm water, try out bath bombs, and just use that time to decompress.

Meditation- While whitening I could listen to some guided meditations and focus on my breathing. I love using the BREATHE APP for meditation.

Face wash- I would do a deep cleanse of my face and try out some hydrating face masks. My face was breaking out a lot, and this has helped a lot.

Going outside- Fresh air and sunshine has done me wonders and it has been so nice to whiten while I would go outside and take my dog to the park.

Getting ready- I would whiten while getting myself ready for the day. I wanted to make sure that I spent time to get ready and feel put together for my day.

Spending time with Rad and Denali- Hanging out with my husband and dog is something that makes me super happy. It’s honestly my favorite thing to do in spare time. While I whitened we could watch tv and cuddle up, go to the park together, or even just go on a drive as a family. It helped to brighten up my mood (and my smile at the same time haha)

Edit on my computer- I enjoy editing and learning more about it. I finally was able to spend some time to work on progressing that skill and do something I enjoy.

Reading- I have been wanting to read a couple books, and have been putting it off… but I finally made time to do so. I’m not much of a reader, but it was good to finally get to these short reads.

Clean- while brightening my smile, I was able to clean and get our house in a better state, so my mind could also be in a better state. I feel way better overall in a clean home.

Nap- I was able to take a couple of quick little naps while whitening. When your body is telling you it’s exhausted, its okay to slow down and rest. Listen to your body and take breaks when needed. (Don’t keep the whitening trays in for more than 3 hours, so avoid whitening over night.)



It’s a super easy process. Here’s the general process broken down for you:

1. Answer a few questions about your dental history

2. Receive your smile brilliant package and create your teeth molds

3. Send those molds back to smile brilliant

4. Receive your customized trays and start WHITENING

5. Use desensitizing gel if you have sensitive teeth

6. SMILE SMILE SMILE! Seriously smile all day long and be proud of those gorgeous pearly whites.


Luckily the kit comes with easy to follow and very clear instructions for the ENTIRE process! If you want to see my experience, results, and step by step on how I used this kit, watch below!




Here is the before and after of my teeth after just a few uses! awesome right? I had fairly white teeth before, but they seemed dull and had some yellow discoloration along the edges and this helped to brighten them up and look much more vibrant! Also This is just after one and a half syringes! I have kept using it since then and they are getting even brighter! I also loved the desensitizing gel, I am prone to have sensitive teeth, and it helped me a ton! It was night and day difference for me!



Taking care of my smile is a great way I have been able to care for myself, and help me feel more confident.

Smile Brilliant helped me get back that smile I am proud of showing off again. I have received many comments from people recently about how white my teeth look now, and I’m so happy about my results! I hope you can also rediscover that smile you love and let it shine every single day.





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Have you ever whitened your teeth? Thinking about whitening your teeth at home? What has your experience been?  Comment below what you think!

Thanks so much for reading!




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