SPA NIGHT: Date Night With Husband

For a Christmas gift I got Radley a year of preplanned dates. (Here’s more about that gift). This spa night was date #2 (for February)… But of course life happens, and this ended up happening in the beginning of March instead of February… Oops!

It was such a fun and relaxing date night for us. I would definitely recommend this if you want to save some money or just want a simple night in with your love.

*You can also use some ideas or even alter these ideas for a girls party. I may end up doing something kind of similar to this, but gear it towards being a little more fun and girly for a girls’ day.



To decorate I used anything that could find around my house that resembled a professional spa. Things that I found to create that type of environment included white flowers, my cute monkey statue, candles, LOTS of greenery, Scentsy candle with the spa scent, and a spa music playlist .

I set out the food table, pedicure station, and scalp treatment station in the living room. The towels used in any service were rolled up nicely (just like they do in salons)

For the bedroom I got our white sheets out, white towels, greenery, and product laying out. I made it very simple and tried to mimic a spa in there too for the massage and facial!


Food Table:

The food table was displayed with decorations (including the monkey statue! Haha I think that little guy was my favorite detail). The food was light, fresh, and healthy… mostly.. We already ate dinner so this was supposed to be a simple airy snack bar. The food included strawberries, bananas and chocolate fudge dip. oranges, cucumbers (also used for the facial), and eclairs (cause I cant be too healthy!) We had some sparkling cider in our favorite Mr and Mrs cups.



We pampered ourselves head to toe…. literally! Listed here are all of our spa services we indulged in! 🙂

1) Pedicures:

1st up was the pedicures. We soaked our feet, then I started on his basic pedicure… nail filing and shaping, foot scrub rubbed on, foot filing, lotion massage, and then hot towels to end it off. Radley then offered to do a pedicure for me. I did my own nail care (not because I don’t trust him…. but actually yes, because I didn’t trust him shaping my nails haha….) But he did the other steps for me too. Then he painted my nails! Haha he really wanted to paint my nails for some reason. He thought it could be fun! It was so cute I couldn’t resist snapping a picture of him while he was in the ZONE. And overall he did pretty well at painting my nails (for his first time ever painting nails.)

^^ Isn’t he so cute? Rad was definitely focused on that nail painting. 🙂


2) Scalp Treatments:

Next was a scalp treatment. (luckily I was able to use some of my scalp treatment products and tools that I use in my salon.) It felt so nice to do a quick version of a scalp treatment. (My head hurt so bad from having my hair in a high pony tail… does this happen to you guys sometimes? So this felt so nice). We scraped off some dead skin and applied/massaged product onto each other’s scalps. I’m glad that I last minute added this onto our fun for the evening. My head is still thanking me for that one.


3) Facials:

Next was our facial. I used a cleanser, scrub, mask, treatment, moisturizer, and toner. These were all products I still had on hand at home.( Random products from Equate and L’oreal to Nu Skin products.)  And you cant forget those cucumbers over the eyes! It’s a classic.

You just massage the products in the order above in circular motions. Move upwards with the motions and apply hot (check that it’s not too hot) towels in between to soak and then wipe product off.

After the facial it was time for a quick shower to get the scalp treatment and other products out of the hair. This also helps to warm muscles for the hot stone massage!



*After the facial it was time for a quick shower to get the scalp treatment and other products out of the hair. This also helps to warm muscles for the hot stone massage!

4) Hot Stone:

This was probably Rad’s and my favorite! Haha after the massage he requested this hot stone treatment as his gift for every birthday/christmas present for the rest of his life.

How to do this was pretty simple, I just found a couple how to videos and read a couple things online. Remember I am NOT by any means a massage therapist. (so I’m not liable for any mishaps if you are daring enough to try this) I just winged this. I got some little stones from World Market. You can get them here. It’s SUPER CHEAP! seriously guys, like $3. 🙂  You can also find sets on ETSY. One day we might upgrade to another stone set. But this date was all about fun budgeted night.

Once you get your stones all washed and dried, You then get a couple damp towels to put in the bottom of a crockpot. After you place the stones in the crockpot. Cover with a little bit of water to keep it wet. Leave the stones cooking in for about 45 minutes. (I let mine go for even longer…. It probably was close to an hour and forty minutes!..) Then it should just stay in there warming until its time for the massage.

***I also rolled up a few towels and put them under hot water, then placed them over the stones in the crock pot. This was to keep them heating for the night. since we obviously don’t have a spa towel warmer sitting around our home.

When its time. remove the stones with a big spoon/or ladle…and remove the towels with some tongs… Be careful, You don’t want to get burned!

Then place the stones in a bucket (or large bowl) with wet ice-cold towels laid out in it… and pat them down until they are a little cooler. I can’t emphasize enough that you don’t want it too hot! ( I made the mistake of not cooling one down enough and it burned Rad a little bit…YIKES! But luckily its just one little burn and he totally forgave me.)

Next you place the stones on the back. On the major muscles, scapulas, down the spine, and on the legs. Really wherever you feel like it’s needed. (haha if any masseuses are reading this remember again I am not a professional massage therapist)

Once you’ve placed them, then you can use them to massage. I used some lotion and got them all lotioned up to move them around… You can also use massage oil if you have any! The stones with the rougher edges are good for rolling. The smoothed edged stones are good to use to glide & rub out knots. after I used the stones to massage for a bit, I then used more lotion to just finish off the massage without the stones.




This was such a fun an inexpensive date night! It’s a must! 🙂 Let me know if you have other fun inexpensive date nights, or if you tried this one. Make sure to comment below!



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