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An Oral Hygiene Routine To Celebrate: with Smile Brilliant

 How I got rid of plaque, cankers, and swollen gums. And exchanged it for a smooth, shiny, fresh smile! The past few years I haven’t loved my oral hygiene routine. It was just really blah, and I was having problems with plaque, cankers, and swollen gums! I decided that I couldn’t take it anymore, so I decide it was time to revamp my oral hygiene care, and alter it to

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Organizing on a Dollar

     As you know Rad and I are newlyweds and obviously find every deal we can! I’ve learned over the past few years to love the dollar store. I’ve realized I can find some gems there to help me save money while organizing our home. Similar items for organizing cost a lot more money at local stores, and so I was thrilled to find these super cheap alternatives to make

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