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12 Months of Dates: A Gift Your Husband Will Love

Rad kept saying that for Christmas he just wanted more time with me. So I decided why not give him the gift of time together. So I put together a basket of Pre-Planned Dates for 2017. There are 12 dates for each of the 12 months. First I wrapped up some Dates (the fruit) for him to open up. I’m cheesy and so of course I had to be a

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Day Date in Provo:

Radley and I enjoyed the nice sunny weather and went to downtown Provo to explore. It turned out to be such a fun date for us! UNHINGED: Rad and I checked out a few neat shops. I showed him one of my favorite shops that I found last year. It’s on Center Street and is called Unhinged. Its fun to even just go in and look around. It’s a super hip

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