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4 Eye Catching Ponytails in under 5 minutes

The Boho Braided Pony^^^   The Knotted Pony^^^ The Twisted Pony ^^^   The Volume Pony^^^ Some mornings I hit snooze one too many times, then I’m in a hurry and rushing to get out the door…..but I have a dilemma…. I still want to look cute and put together for the day. If you’re anything like me, you need things to be easy and quick! Here are 4 ponytails that are not your

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Mother Daughter Cooking: Frozen Meals

Okay so my mom is a meal prep genius. When Radley and I got married she made us some pre-prepped frozen meals… and they may have saved us from starving a time or two. She honestly has THE best storage room with a couple of extra freezers… and she freezes a lot of different types of food. I wanted to become more like her.. So a one Sunday we had a frozen

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