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Waiting 2 years Q & A

Missionary Girlfriend Q& A 2 Years Back Home June 16th was Rad’s two year anniversary of being home from his mission in Alaska. WOOHOO! That’s a really big deal for me, because 2 years is how long he was gone on his mission. And let me tell you, his two years back here have gone by MUCH faster than the two that he was gone. To celebrate this big day,

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Extension Talk: Q&A

Hey lovelies, So I’ve received lots of questions about extensions! And Yes I wear extensions. (Sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t)… My extensions right now are the Bellami 22” clip-in extensions in ash blonde. You can find it here. It is the cooler shade of blonde. (and when I got them, they still had some slight golden tone to it, so I still had to purple shampoo it a couple

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