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Bowling With My Babe: March Date

March’s date was bowling. List of our 12 months of dates is HERE.  Rad loves bowling and even took a bowling class this last semester. He is a million times better than me. (In fact I bet most anyone can beat me at bowling…  It’s just not my thing.) It was so much fun, we went and had a game of free bowling and just had to pay for shoes which

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Bella Notte: Italian Date Night

January was the beginning for Radley and me as a part of our 12 months of Dates. Click HERE for our more about this gift. This date was our “Bella Notte” (Italian for beautiful night). This was so much fun to prepare for! The mood was set with an Italian inspired table set up. Complete with vases, pitchers, and Ruscus greenery. I pulled out our beautiful china, strung up lights,

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