Time for Springtime- With A Timeless Wooden Watch


Radley and I are both incredibly excited for springtime here in Utah. It’s been super cold lately and has us craving sunshine. When the sun finally decided to shine Radley and I left on a little springtime date to enjoy the outdoors. I of course had to put on one of my newest springtime essentials. A timeless wooden watch from JORD.

Though it’s still chilly here, Rad and I went out and were able to feel the sunshine on our skin. We loved the blue skies and are excited for more flowers to bloom everywhere. Quality time with my love is something I enjoy more than anything, and this timepiece helps me focus on living in the moment.

I honestly never wore many watches until now… I’m always the person who carries her phone and checks the time on it. (Then I get distracted by all the apps on my phone. I waste a ton of time because of that….) I love this cute wooden accessory because I can simplify when I’m out, put away my phone, and just look down at my watch to keep track of time. By putting away my phone and all the distractions that come with it, I can actually stop to smell the roses and enjoy being in the moment. I love this old school way of keeping track of time. That is why I wore this on our Spring date. I was able to spend more quality time with Rad and not have to worry about carrying my phone around the entire time. And not to mention this is an adorable accessory that I love wearing.

I am in love with this because the wooden detail is so unique. A wooden watch is just not something you see everyday. It is an eye catching piece in the most simple and timeless way. I’m not into anything over the top. I love more minimalist pieces. And this wooden watch fits my style perfectly. This little beaut is a must have in a spring wardrobe. The versatile look allows you to dress it down with a pair of jeans and a tee shirt during the day then wear it with a dress and heels for a night out. Make sure to check out JORD watches and get a unique wooden watch to complete your spring essentials.

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