Waiting 2 years Q & A

Missionary Girlfriend Q& A

2 Years Back Home

June 16th was Rad’s two year anniversary of being home from his mission in Alaska. WOOHOO! That’s a really big deal for me, because 2 years is how long he was gone on his mission. And let me tell you, his two years back here have gone by MUCH faster than the two that he was gone. To celebrate this big day, I gave Rad an Alaska tie from Statesman Ties. Check them out if you have a missionary out or know of someone who has a place close to their heart. Statesman Ties have a HUGE selection of ties for every country and state. Rad LOVES his tie. It is special because Alaska holds such a special place in his heart… It is like his second home!


Our Love Story

Here is a quick summary of our love story. Click HERE for a VIDEO about our love story.

Radley and I met in Junior High, we were friends (we had crushes on each other off and on, but never did anything about it.), then in high school we started dating our senior year. Rad did basketball and baseball while I did cheerleading. We were best friends and inseparable. Twelve days after graduation, Radley left on his mission. We said our final goodbye a couple days before he left, and goodness that was so sad and hard. While he was on his mission I stayed busy. I graduated cosmetology school, Worked at a salon, moved out, and did everything I could to work on myself. Rad worked hard and served with all his heart. During that time we wrote emails and letters and supported each other from a distance. Radley came home June 16th, 2016 and It was the best reunion to pick him up from the airport. We dated again that summer, and after time dating and adventuring we reconnected and fell back in love. In September we got engaged, then on January 7th, 2017 we were married for time and all eternity in the Salt Lake City Temple. We have now been married for about a year and a half. I count my many blessings that I ended up with my love and that everything worked out!


Q & A

For his 2 year anniversary I also decided to do a Q & A all about waiting for a missionary. I’m not going to lie, waiting is HARD. It’s not easy being away from the one you love, your best friend for two years. And having very very limited communication with them. I am so blessed that we worked out. I opened it up to a Q & A on my Instagram to answer all of the questions you have about the waiting process, how it was for us, and our advice.  LETS GET STARTED!





If you would like more information about the LDS church, missionaries, or have other Q & A’s about waiting for a missionary message me or comment below!



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